Interactive, efficient and attractive solutions, customized to the needs of our clients.

We deliver rapid, scalable, and maintainable solutions for you through high quality development with passion and innovation. Our offer include wide scope of IT solutions, products, consulting and training to our clients enabling them to focus on their core processes and meet their evolving business goals.

We solve our clients' business problems by delivering customized software solutions that are quick and cost effective to implement and easy to support. Through careful analysis of our client's needs, coupled with our IT expertise, allows us to confidently create solution that will most effectively and efficiently address the business need.



We believe that our success comes from the success of our clients. By supplying our customers with top skills and vast experience, we can offer best possible solutions.


Our clients can rely on our products working flawlessly and as designed because we put an emphasis on quality development as a key factor in project success.


As we percieve every project not as a product, but as a living thing that grows and changes, we offer support options to ensure clients' comfort and satisfaction.

We use Android, AngularJS, Apache, AWS, Babel, CakePHP, CSS3, Django, Docker, Drupal, EJS, ES6, Express, Flask, Git, Go, Groovy, Grunt, Gulp, Heroku, HTML5, Hugo, iOS, Java, jQuery, Lua, MongoDB, MySQL, Node.js, PHP, Polymer, Progressive Web Apps, Pug, Python, React Native, React, Ruby on Rails, Ruby, Sass, Sinatra, TensorFlow, UIkit, Vue.js, Webpack, WordPress, and many more to provide best possible results.




“I've worked with OTC for a number of projects over the past few years and I'm continuously amazed by the level of quality of their work. Furthermore, the service that is delivered is absolutely of the highest level; always on time, always extremely responsive. I can especially recommend OTC when a project requires a lean approach and short lines of communication.”Dennis Tilgenkamp,
“I came to OTC needing a complicated, customized ecommerce website. OTC did an incredible job of walking me through each step and fulfilling every need I had for a top notch website. As someone who is not very tech savvy, I found the customer service to be very user friendly! I would recommend OTC to anyone who needs professional web service!”Suzy Chasesss,
“ is a crucially important website in Irish sport. With the approach of the London Olympics a site redesign was undertaken with a very short time scale but with ambitious goals in design, content and extensibility. We needed a very strong and capable development partner to take our ideas and to deliver quickly on them. With OTC we found that partner. Throughout the development cycle we always felt we had the full attention of OTC and our wishes were addressed quickly and professionally. We believe our decision to work with OTC was crucial in the success of our project and we will continue to work with them on future projects.”Kevin Kilty,
“OTC has been involved in several projects we execute for our clients. OTC has been a very useful and highly appreciated addition to our development team. The technological skills and good communications skills have helped to deliver our projects successfully. OTC's role was specially appreciated in a highly complex application we delivered for the ING banking group. The excellent development skills were an indispensable addition to the project team. Also the flexibility, pro-active attitude and pragmatic approach are worth mentioning. I would highly recommend OTC as a web development company.”Arjan Hofman, TTY Internet Solutions
“We came to OTC needing a custom website template designed for the content management system we were using. OTC did an excellent job designing our website and did so in a very fast time frame, but what sets them apart is their service. Their communication was excellent and they were highly responsive when it came to answering our questions. The instructions for deploying our website template were clear and they always explained things well. OTC is a very professional web design firm and I would recommend their services.”Brett Heitz,
“We needed to redesign and update our website and came across OTC via a search on Google. I was at first slightly suspicious being an overseas company that I had no previous knowledge of. However after Skype call they came across as knowledgeable, efficient, friendly and professional. We therefore paid an invoice in advance and emailed instructions on what was required. I found that OTC kept us well informed on the progress, ensuring that we were totally satisfied with each stage and with his knowledge in this field I found his ideas very helpful. We are delighted with the results and would have no hesitation in recommending OTC's services to anyone, and will definately be using them again in the future.”Stewart Huxley,
“OTC is the best partner for building websites, ensuring browser compatibility for the browsers you require. Flexible and quick with the highest standards of proven quality. OTC can do it, make it work and make it work fast. If you use OTC services, the highest standards are there for you, and to ensure you are always online.”Winfried Pouw,